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work_photos_2051Hi I'm Nevada

This site is designed to assist hunters and taxidermy enthusiasts with selecting the right look for their personal design desires.

Here's some examples of my work as well as some of my own design adventures.

Please take a look around and get a good idea of what you my want from your own adventures.



Learn what different poses are available so you can decide what works best for your space.


Award Winning

Check out some of the work I've entered. See how I've earned my reputation as an award winning creator of taxidermy art!



While I try to quickly get to work on your piece, it's good to remember that this is art and takes time. There will be no cutting corners. Please ask me about the process and understand that perfection doesn't happen over night.

& Hours

Regular business hours are from 9 am - 5:30 pm. From February to May the store is open by appointment only. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.